What To Expect From Your California Medicare Supplement Agent

Seniors are finally getting snippets of the “Healthcare Reform” bill and are getting mad. At their Senators and Congressmen at town halls. But they’re also getting angry at AARP. Why? Because AARP is supporting the bill.

Mary did not take any prescriptions and had A check ups once a year.Mary had a great relationship with her General Practitioner. The Doctor’s billing secretary was fine with billing Mary for the Medicare Part B 20% co-insurance. So Mary never really felt any urgency to secure a individual assurance company medicare supplement Plan.

Part B is the Part of Medicare that pays for most out-patient expenses like visits to your doctor. The way I like to remember it is that it pays for your expenses (B)efore you get admitted to a hospital.

One major impact of the plan changes was to reduce the pricing on new plans. In other words, the person who had a plan prior to June first of last year, would likely find that they could get the same exact coverage for less if they were to shop their plan to another company. As an agent, I often find there is much confusion here because what many beneficiaries do not understand is that the name of the company is meaningless. If the ABC Insurance offers an F plan, and XYZ insurance offers an F plan, they have to cover the exact same benefits. The only difference is price.

We must not think of medicare supplements then as being “health insurance for the aged.” In the next few years, Medicare should probably be relabeled as something like, “health insurance for your freedom years,” because that’s what it will be.

While choosing your insurance you must always try to choose the ones which are undertaken by the government. Some of the health insurances these days are administered by the government of the United States.

Don’t lump us together – we are very different people within one demographic. We’ll respect you and your product when you treat us as individuals. We may even become your best customer, and you will be rewarded with the trust and esteem of a very large audience.

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