The Role Of The Home Care Aide

Home care for seniors is a touchy subject, but most often it will be necessary at one time or another. If you ask a senior if they prefer to stay in their own home, the answer will almost always be yes. Live- in home care can offer many advantages over other types of home care.

If you have an inexpensive walker or cane. Insert a slit at the top of a tennis ball. In the slit insert bottom legs of walker or cane. Then it is easy to slide along and safer and no lifting involved. The wheels and brakes can be complicated home health aide salary to use.

Long term care policies are sold by independent insurance companies, usually in conjunction with a life insurance policy. There are no standardized versions of a long term care policy. Benefits differ from company to company. Some offer to pay a fixed dollar amount for each day you receive care. Others only pay a percentage of the cost, or a pre-specified dollar amount to cover the cost of services. There also may be waiting periods before the insurance policy is placed into effect. It pays to shop around and compare. Not all long term care insurance policies and companies are the same.

As always, do you due diligence and most importantly get insured. Not only does it make good financial sense, but it will allow you to sleep soundly at night.

There is a 75-hour course that you are going to have to take in order to become a certified home health aide training. You will also need to complete a competency test which is a state exam showing that you have the necessary skills to work in the state you are currently in. Your training is going to include taking vital signs, medical terminology, basic nutrition, and controlling the spread of infection.

If I had to choose the single most important thing I learned outside of school would be the joy and happiness I could bring to my clients and the same joy and happiness they can bring to me.

Next, when you do apply for a job, be sure to follow the employer’s instructions. Slow down and take the time to actually read through the instructions. It’s amazing how many people gloss over this important step and, as a result, their application is not even considered. When you read through the job posting, take a separate piece of paper and write down the instructions to create a check list. Before you submit your application, check off each item on the list.

Finally–remember that is you do not like a home caregiver that you have hired, or that comes in, you can fire them or look for another agency. Try to work it out with the agency, but if you are not happy, you can walk.

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