Social Media And Qr Codes – What You Need To Know Now

Ah social media. The latest golden goose to grace our world with promises of untold riches, a slimmer waistline and the perfect tan. The one every girl wants to go home with and every dude wants to be. The prom queen, the rock star and the cult leader all in one.

Do this instead: Create a company blog integrated into your website, and use that as the centerpiece of your Social Media campaign. It has lots of advantages. As Patrick Schwerdtfeger points out in his excellent book Webify Your Business, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo favor blogs.

It’s a fad. The drumbeat about social media has become deafening. Yet many marketers remain skeptical, hesitating to expand budgets and expend resources on a craze. But social media is a fundamental shift in communication — it isn’t just a new set of tools, but a new sphere of networking, communicating, living, and organizing. It has become intertwined in our lifestyles, so it’s here to stay.

I’m sure you’ve heard one of the rules of social media, where you keep your content to a minimum. But, how do you follow this rule, drive traffic and see the results? Simple–You should implement a social media landing page. ObjectiveMarketer will allow you to create customized content for each platform. It will also let you see the feedback or results from each tweet, share or link.

But later, the party is over and the “Like” notifications slow down. It appears all your cousins, neighbors and old work friends are have already “Like”ed your page and now you can’t think of one more person to ask. You buy a book on effective social media techniques and you keep your spirits high. You keep saying “If I build it – they will come”, but your posts begin to dwindle and next thing you know it’s been months since you have posted any new updates on your page.

In SoMee Social, being REAL is critical. And part of being REAL is being open and transparent. I love it when I read statements like “full disclosure” and people are disclosing that they have an interest or are on some board of a company they are talking about. THAT is so rocking hot. It shows that they are being transparent and nothing to hide and telling the truth.

We rubbed on this a bit above, but it definitely is a problem that deserves its own place and solution. With each development comes a new development or another area that needs to prosper. It’s like a never ending social media story. The solution here is to constantly adapt your marketing strategies to encompass new tools, social media innovations and the direction of your business. The Internet, the world, and the people are constantly changing, so your marketing strategy must do so also. And again, if you are having trouble staying on top of it all, hiring a social media virtual assistant may be your best bet.

Out of all these points, the true key to success on any social site is engagement and time. Time you spend on getting better on that specific social media site.

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