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Article Spinners were frustrating, very frustrating untill now. If you have ever tried to spin an article using a spinner you know what I mean. Forget a bracket, put it in the wrong place and you get a jumbled mess that makes no sense at all.

Okay, so now what? You have posted 20 articles on a variety of websites over the last couple of weeks and have made some good money. Now, you want to take it to the next step, how do you do that? Well, what I did, was start to build simple websites dedicated to certain products, just like what you are doing with your articles but on your own site. It makes more money, in less time and you will now be starting to build a business through quality article rewriter and all you do is review products and try and sell them.

The downside to this approach is that the good ones cost money. Unless you have a lot of this to spend your supply will be somewhat limited. The other downside is that their personality, no matter how good it is in writing, is not your personality.

Below are the things, in order, that you should to do to post an article. Just Follow them and within A FEW DAYS, NO MORE THAN THREE, you will begin observing results in traffic. Even if you are a hard sell you have to admit, that’s pretty darn fast, right? You will find that you’re getting on Google’s front or second page, and I am not kidding you! You can get months, maybe even years, out of one article!

The reality is that people use article marketing because it is cheap! You can create your own content and start getting visitors to your site from it. When you make a sale, you don’t have to pay back a traffic source and you don’t have to pay on a per click basis to get visitors to your site.

The reason for utilizing an article rewrite tool, or article spinner, is to bypass duplicate content. To be compelling, you want your articles to be read by as many people as possible, which means publishing to many different article websites. But if you submit the same identical article, wemasters and even Google may think you are a spammer. Therefore, you need to publish as many unique content articles as possible. To do this by hand, is for the most part futile. Thanks to the article rewriter, you can do thisefficiently in less than an hour.

Then deposit what you’ve found in a large drawer… this is the article subject compost heap and it is essential. In it you will find subjects you will surely want to write about… and subjects you’re watching, to write about at some future date. Cut liberally; you can be sure one day you will have no subject readily at hand. Having all these ideas will then pirove very useful indeed.

Should you need more information, click on the link and sign up for the free eBook and after you have signed up, I will actually give you names and links of directories and forums to sign up with. (You will have to contact me to get all that info) I will also tell you where there is a FREE ARTICLE SPINNER. (This is the one I use!) Best wishes in all your endeavors!.

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