Online Education Challenges: Technology

Morning comes apace. Unfortunately. The alarm has gone off, the day’s rigors are stretched long and wide ahead of you, and you just know that the floor is particularly cold this morning. Down the hall, your babe slumbers heavily in his bed, undisturbed, wrapped still in the bliss of his dreams.

Online GED classes that allow you to work at your own pace, on your own schedule. Just make sure the google app for education you choose is the real thing – lots of companies are out there that promise bogus diplomas after simple online tests.

Consistency is paramount to your success as a teacher and to getting the respect of your students. If you set out rules and guidelines, you need to stick by them and enforce them in the same way everyday and with every student. If you lose your cool and punish a student for one thing one day, and then ignore it when another student does the same thing, your students will take notice. They will lose respect for you and begin to lose interest in the rules. Once you have lost their respect it becomes especially difficult to manage the classroom.

Many companies offer to pay for part or all of employee education, so the Human Resources benefits office could be your first stop. Also, consult with the Financial Aid office at your college to see what grants, loans, and special programs you qualify for. Many people are pleasantly surprised at how little going back to college can cost.

Blogging: You may have heard a lot about people who blog for money. How do they do it? In a nutshell, you create a blog, generate an audience for your blog, which will drive traffic to your blog, and then put some advertisements on it. If this is completely foreign to you, there are lots of free resources on the web that can tell you how to do this, step-by-step.

We all have struggles in our lives and a stay-at-home mom is no different. Jade said “Finding the balance between both girls everyday, and the balance between running the household and spending time with the girls. I have many days were I feel like I don’t accomplish nearly enough in a day! Sometimes the day to day routine gets boring and I get lonely not having anyone to talk to for most of the day so I try to mix up the routine when I’m feeling bored,” is one of her struggles.

Prior to being at Eastern Michigan, Gragg has worked on athletic department staffs at Arkansas, Michigan, Missouri and Vanderbilt. He played college football for the latter.

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