Keyword Rankings Monitor – Why You Have To Monitor Them

Backlinking is the process whereby website owners refer to their website using their website url on other sites with the ultimate goal being more traffic to their respective websites. How this is accomplished is simply by leaving your website link using as many means as possible using numerous others sites in the form of blog comments, blogs,classified ads,social bookmarking sites and link directories . These links are left on other sites which all link back to your site.. Think of it as a vote for your site which gets spidered by Google and other major search engines with the goal of having the site where your backlink appears indexed and as a consequence your link indexed.

The best way to benefit from SEO is to work with a broad range of keywords with different levels of traffic and competition. Since, ranking for the most competitive keyword can take months, concentrate on long tail keywords and generate highly relevant traffic from them. Also, make your site much more user friendly for the users so that the conversion rate of your traffic improves.

Google Webmaster Tools is a very good tool to have. This tool provides you with all other information about your website such as crawl errors, (New) and many other statistics as well as where you can input your site map.

Within a short space of time you will dominate Google and all the other search engines for your select keywords. An important point to remember here is that most search engine traffic goes to the top five results on the first page of Google, in other words if you are not on the first page of Google, you will not get any search engine traffic. Choose your niche keywords carefully. It is better to be be on the top half of page one and collect 50% of the traffic for a Keyword Rank Checker Tool that only gets 1000 searches a month than to be on page 3 and collect 0% of the traffic for a search term that gets a million searches a month.

For those on the fence who are just looking into this profession I might suggest you do some more research and decide if you really want to commit yourself to this kind of work. It really does take time and effort to make this work.

Once you have a few good keywords you want to plump for, head over to Google (again) and put them into the search box one by one. Now you want to note down the type of sites which are appearing, and how strong they are.

Google AdWords. Keyword Tool You can always find this tool from Google: go to Google AdWords then select the keyword tool. This keyword tool will tell you approximately the number of searches that have been done in a month both locally and globally. This tool is a must have tool since you need to check whether your keyword phrase is being searched for before you optimize your website. It is advisable you use a keyword that people are searching for in order for you to get visitors.

With fan pages, you can reach your targeted customers easily. You also have the chance to upload photos and videos you think will be interesting to your visitors. If a Facebook user becomes your “fan”, the friends of that user will also be notified so they will also get to see your fan page and possibly be a Fan too.

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