How To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels – 3 Tips For A Diabetic

Well if you have diabetes then you will know that how important it can be to have you blood sugar monitored daily. You can do it in more efficiently these days by using glucose meters. Glucose meter vendors are just like simple soda companies who offer you free soda machine but still charge you for their material and chemicals. Similarly you can get a free glucose monitor but buying test strips can be tricky.

Your lancets shouldn’t hurt! It’s the vibration of the needle as it pricks your finger that can cause pain. Research the glucose testing systems to find the least painful lancing technology.

There are two types of test-strip based glucose measurement meters currently available on the consumer market. These glucose meters don’t really do much besides read and process the date presented by the test strips.

The Bayer Contour blood quel taux de glycemie est dangereux monitoring system is a great reputable one to get. It has no coding technology and it requires a small amount of blood samples as well, 6 ml. It gives you results in just 5 seconds so that you can get the results and move on to other things in your day! It auto compensates for common interferences and is now in color. This product is easy to use and contains optimum advanced features and functions.

Lightouch Medical is making a monitor that uses light sensors on your fingertip to measure glucose. OrSense is doing the same, but their monitor is planned for use only in hospitals right now.

One common symptom of diabetes is hunger. High sugar levels in your blood can make you hungry. All the cells in your body depend on blood sugar for food, but need the insulin in order to get to the sugar. The insulin is responsible for moving the sugar to the cells from the blood. If your body does not have enough insulin, or if the insulin is not working properly, sugar adds up in your blood and does not go to the cells as required.

Do you know if you snore? Have you fallen into bad sleep habits like watching TV in bed or eating right before bedtime? Have you been checked for sleep apnea?

Test your blood sugar before a meal. If it is outside of 70-130 mg/dl then you should talk to your doctor. Be careful of caffeine as it can also cause you problems. If you have type 2 diabetes, avoid excess amounts of caffeine as it can increase blood sugar levels. Check your glucose amounts every so often with a A1c (HbA1c) test. The A1c (HbA1c) test will give you insight and allow you to chart your blood sugar over time. Treatment of diabetes focuses on lowering blood sugar or glucose (BG) to the near normal range, approximately 80-140 mg/dl (4.4-7.8 mmol/L).

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