How Do You Find A Date Online

Are you ready to begin the process of looking for love online? To be successful in online dating you need to have a great profile. Your profile will introduce you to the online dating community. Your profile is your first impression, and we all know how important first impressions are. You do not want to rush through the process of preparing your profile. You want to make sure that profile is interesting, unique and detailed. If your profile is boring, incomplete or unappealing you will probably not have very much success in online dating. There are multiple things that you need to do to create a great profile, in this article we will focus on perfecting the profile photo.

So, your social media presence needs to be optimized and targeted so that the moment someone sees it, they will “get it”. You want them to not only get it, but also go further, either continue reading your entire profile, visit your website or download your free offer.

The first thing you MUST realize about social media is it’s all about building relationships, not SPAMMING people. A winning MySpace read my post should always portray yourself as a genuine person, NOT a network marketing distributor or other solicitor. People pick up on that easily. I have seen many people build a MySpace profile with all of these ‘flashy’ graphics and ads. This is a big turn off and will not serve you.

Walk Your Walk – There is no excuse for the “cobbler’s shoes” argument. (remember the cobbler never has time to fix his own shoes) If you call yourself a social media expert you should be active online and at least have accounts on all top networking sites. You need to follow your own best practices and actually put what you teach others into practice for yourself.

First off, don’t include any information that you want to keep private. You certainly don’t want to include anything that would create a bad situation for you. Personally I understand that there could be issues with potential “stalking” and those kinds of things. I have elected that since my information is out there, on my other social media profiles, to put that information here — since it out elsewhere, I might as well as include it here.

It’s important to use the right phrases in your e-mails to women. For instance don’t say things like “I’m only here looking for some fun” or” I really only want something casual”. That really gives the girl the wrong idea, and sounds like you are there just to get laid. Instead write a respectful message with the hint of a possibility that you’re serious about a relationship with the right woman.

Many people start using social media, but then they stop using it because they’re not seeing the results they had hoped. By using the techniques described above, you can create a plan of action, track your results and monetize your passion.

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