Gold Coins Make Great Investments For More Than Just Collectors

When I’m asked if you can buy rare American coins, world gold coins, silver eagles, or bullion coins with a credit card, the simple answer is “yes”. But there are only certain dealers or venues that will accept your card. So, it is possible to buy coins with a charge card, if you shop at the places which accept them.

It is very possible that when you dig up a coin while metal detecting you will not be able to make out the date or mint. Your first reaction would probably be to rub it with a rag or with your fingers to better see the markings. DO NOT do this. Try not to touch the surface of the coin at all. Keep it dirty and put it in the container you brought along for your collecting. A good idea is to carry one of those medicine containers from the pharmacist large enough to put the coins in. Put a cotton ball on the bottom then your coin then another cotton ball. This protects the coin from damage. Don’t stack the coins together without a cotton ball in between as that too may damage the coin.

I’ve noticed, the average collector spends a limited amount of time reading about coins, and is much more likely to read articles than books. I enjoy reading books and other articles so I can speak to most collectors with information that’s fun to read. I do this rather than watch TV.

In learning how to detect fake coins, you will want to know what type of metal the coin is supposed to be made of. Silver coins are one type of coin that is sometimes duplicated. Some counterfeiters will use molds to make the custom challenge coins rather than try to reproduce the dies needed to stamp the coins. These are fairly easy to spot if you look closely at the coins. There will be tiny cracks in the metal where it cooled after being poured into the mold.

Today, there is a tremendous amount of information available online. Go read everything you can about rare coins to become a more confident buyer. I still love the feel of printed material and often buy books as my source of information.

11. Attend online communities and make friends there. You many have chances to exchange coins with other members. CCF (Coin Community Forum)and ACBO (Australian Coins and banknotes Online) are two of the famous forums of Australian coins.

One good rule on how to handle coins is to do it as little as possible. You may have to transfer coins that you have purchased from one container to another. It is a good idea to have the new package open and ready to put the coin in. Remember your coin care handling rules to avoid damage or unwanted contact with your coins.

The most important factor to determine gold and silver coin values is the rarity of the coin. Coins that are only left a few copies will have the highest value. Although many of the gold or silver coins may have been minted originally, in some cases the coins have been taken out of circulation. The few coins that are left will become more and more valuable as time goes on.

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