Employers Who Use Twitter To Recruit And Resources To Help You Use Twitter For Job Hunting

You are unemployed. While you have figured out how to best spend your time while unemployed, your self-esteem is not where it used to be. According to the State of California’s Employee Development Department on Aug. 19, 2011, 10.5 percent of San Diego residents, 12.4 percent of Californians, and 9.3 percent of Americans are unemployed. You aren’t alone, but that doesn’t make you feel better. How can you feel like you used to or feel simply okay when you aren’t gainfully employed?

Don’t just read your local or neighborhood newspaper. Read a national paper as well. You can read most major dailies online. The New York Times, Washington Post. Los Angeles Times and many others offer news items and perspectives that can help your job search. Look for items that give hints about changing markets, styles, etc. These are clues about new businesses that may be coming to your area. And there may be openings in other parts of the country that are worth relocating.

When job searching, consider hiring a international coach federation, resume writer or interview coach. If you cannot afford professional coaching, locate free job seeker classes at your local library. If laid off, research to see if your former company provides an outsourcing career service.

Read the big ads that may have information about coming events. When a company has a big event it may signal that they will need to hire. Study the ad to see if there is an underlying message. For example, an ad announcing the arrival of a brand new item like the latest and greatest “smart phone” may signal an upturn in business and a need for sales people, customer service or technicians.

Let your network know now what you are looking for and what company you want to work for. Nearly 70% of the jobs people are getting are from others in their network they know. Remind your network – either through Facebook or LinkedIn – what specific position you’re looking for and what company you are targeting. Doing it once 3 months ago is not going to help. When you are top of mind for them when they come across an opportunity, they’ll contact you.

Let those obstacles become challenges to conquer and overcome. Suppose something is getting in the way of you landing that job you want. Maybe the employer whom you want to work for isn’t hiring right now. Maybe they’re telling you that you don’t have experience. Don’t sit and mope. Instead, figure out your next move. For instance, you could ask for more benefits to make up for a lower salary. Or, you could begin temping to get the experience you need for the position you really want. And as always, you can contact the employer and ask them to keep your resume on file. By looking at a situation from the long-term or big-picture perspective, you’ll begin to recognize solutions that help you to move forward in your quest for the perfect career.

I admit it; this wasn’t really my idea. A former employee actually contacted me, because she was felt cornered in a job that she didn’t love. And as I talked to her I realized, hey, those people you used to work with are on your side. They already know how great you are and can have some special insight into your strengths and limitations. Plus, they are part of your network, and you never know what opportunities they might turn you on to.

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