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There is lot of information on the internet for ways to make money online. Some good, some bad. One of the biggest problems facing people when trying to make money with all this information is lack of direction; A clear cut plan of action. To many people end up running round in circles, taking on to many options at once then diluting their efforts. In short, they get an information overload. This article will give an overview on the process of making money online; whatever the niche, technique or method.

Colors are important. How many books or a magazines have you read where all the pages are light colored text on a dark background? My guess is none. Use this same philosophy when choosing the colors for your blog. Don’t choose a blog theme with a dark background. It’s hard to read. Pick colors that are pleasing to the eye, not colors that look cool. Cool is not always good.

Once you’ve setup your blog, you will want to start looking for some good categories for your blog entries. When you add a blog entry to a category on your blog, you will “tag” it with that a keyword that matches the blog entry. You can find a good list of categories by going to social bookmarking sites, such as Technorati, and jotting down keywords that are relevant to your site and that fall on the top 100 list for your given category.

That is okay. Although a lot of people can potentially sell their own products on their own cosplay blog, there are many other ways to monetize your blog traffic without even selling your own products.

Utilizing Trackbacks, which is linking to another person’s WordPress bloggen. A trackback is automatically created which tells the other blogger where the link came from. Others can click that link and visit your site. Imagine a bridge between bloggers and there you go.

There are also free blogging platforms that allow you to do a lot of the similar things. Monetize, customize etc etc but of course on a paid platform you will have more options. That kind of goes without saying.

2) As we can’t possibly get a page to rank for every single search phrase out there, there’s a need for proper keyword research. You’ll want to find a keyword that has at least 3000 monthly searches, according to the keyword tools. You’ll want to find a keyword that has low- to mid level of competition (to make sure you’ll be able to rank for the term).

Your content must be original and written by you. You should never use content from other site unless you get their permission. If you are using content taken from an article directory, you should provide a link back to the site and the article directory. If you hire a writer to write the content, make sure all the copyrights are transferred to you. If your content is not original, other people may report you as spammer when it is posted to the social bookmarking site.

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