What To Do In Kensington London

The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana brings many memories to my mind from the past ten years. Why the past ten years? That’s because we moved down to South Louisiana, Baton Rouge ten years ago. Since then, we have made the short trip to the Audubon Zoo more times than I can count. While this zoo is great for children and families, singles or those without kids will have a wonderful time as well. We went as a young couple for many years before our children arrived.

Join actors from the Star Trek universe as they recreate the classic radio thriller. Originally performed by Orson Welles and his Mercury Theatre of the Air, War of the Worlds caused a nationwide panic in 1938, as unwitting listeners believed that hostile Martians had really landed in New Jersey.

The little ones will love the animatronic dinosaur manufacturers (check the website for dates and times) and the actual mummy on display at the museum. A tour of the house will give visitors an idea of what it was like to live as a Vanderbilt (my guess is it wasn’t bad!) Than there’s the planetarium, which gives visitors a chance to check out the heavens.

The Kensington Palace is a grand place to visit. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time or at the door. There are many tours that take place in this building. One tour will show visitors the amazing staircase that belonged to one of the kings. There is also a bedroom that belonged to Queen Mary and it shows her infamous bed. It is one of the oldest beds to be preserved. These tours will show visitors the decor and detail of the interior design. There are ravishing gardens to explore, shopping and places to view art.

The view is similar to a planetarium. The seats are built on a recline as the images on screen envelope you. The movie we saw, “The Mysteries of the Great Lakes”, was mostly about the sturgeon fish, but some of the camera angles gave me butterflies in my stomach. It felt like I was really flying over the lakes.

This was the primary reason for our visit to the Science Museum of Minnesota, and we were not disappointed. My son insisted upon posing in front of each dinosaur for a photo. I checked, photography is allowed at the Science Museum of Minnesota. The highlight of the dinosaur display is the Diplodocus, which is the largest dinosaur on display at 82 feet long and weighing 12 tons.

New York City is also known for its many street vendors. No trip to the Big Apple is complete without buying something from any of the hundreds of street vendors. From hot dogs and knishes to knock-off handbags. This city has it all for sale. If you go during the Christmas holiday time, then you can walk along fifth avenue and window shop and see all the colorful holiday window displays. Each year the stores try to out do themselves from the year before. Whether you are young or old, the Big Apple has something for all ages.

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