Using Humor In Public Speaking

If you are suffering communication anxiety, don’t panic! Communication anxiety is not a pathologic illness. It is just a fear for speaking in public, which is fairly common amongst average people. A big proportion of people can not perform to their full potential when delivering public speech, and some individuals even rank public speaking as their biggest fears and are willing to do anything to avoid the situation.

The secret to great presentation training is that you, the speaker, should move in addressing your audience: your audience should not. You will discover that your ability to move, just as if you were in conversation in your living room, will create immediate intimacy with your listeners. Making eye contact with them, smiling, and speaking with emotion will further that intimacy. They, in turn, will be so caught up in listening to you that they will not move. The coughing, the sneezing, and the restlessness will not occur because you will have them riveted to their seats.

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The first thing to remember when speaking in any public situation– be yourself. Remember before, when I said we don’t like to be made a fool of? Well that isn’t always true. There are a lot of comedians who are famous for acting like fools. They can get up in front of an audience, and it seems the goofier they act, the funnier they are. If that describes you…awesome! use that to your advantage. Not all of us have that kind of talent, however. There is nothing that falls to floor deader than road kill than a poorly delivered joke. If you aren’t known for your comedic timing- skip the joke telling! I am not saying don’t be humorous, just let it be a natural thing.

Seasoned public speakers come across as poised, comfortable and totally in control of their subject for one very good reason – practice. Of all public speakings tips this one has to rank right at the top of the list.

First thing you need to do is, breathe; that’s right, breathe. The idea is to focus on something other than discursive thoughts. So, actually, you are not just breathing, you are also FOCUSING on the breath coming in through your nose, filling your diaphragm, and then releasing the breath out of your mouth. When you blow this air out, try releasing whatever unpleasant thoughts you have out with your breath. Just let it go, like lint you’ve pulled out of the bottom of your purse; blow and release. When you breathe in again (yes, keep breathing), picture pure positive energy coming in through your nose, and filling your diaphragm. And this time when you release the breath, picture that pure positive alive energy, drifting out, bringing a loving essence to everything it touches.

OK how do you compose a brief introduction to your business. Like putting together an ad, it’s a simple headline that catches their attention. It’s a simple 2 step sequence, present the problem and then the solution.

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