The Ultimate Skin Care Guide – Go Natural

This next one may come as a shock: We all drink OJ during a cold, come on! That’s what we have been told all our lives isn’t it? Drink your fluids, get plenty of juice in your body, rest up! But, is orange juice bad for you while you have a cold or the flu? Maybe… If you aren’t squeezing the juice yourself you are adding sugar to your system and giving your immune system another hoop to jump through. If you can’t (or don’t want to juice your own) try eating oranges or using supplements which contain high doses of vitamin C. Be sure to replenish the vitamin C in your system throughout the day; our bodies readily expel this immune booster so stay on top of that to keep your body feeling strong and to keep your immune system running smoothly!

With the help of an extra pair of hands, pour the homemade cheese into clean cheesecloth to separate it from the whey. This is the old-fashioned way. Alternately, the homemade cheese can be removed from the pan with a slotted spoon or poured into a colander.

A spoon of honey or a mật ong nguyên chất stick is one of the greatest sugar busters that can help take away much of those sugar crash cravings. I like to have cream or thick honey twirled around the end of a stick like a candy. This tactic works very well on small children who have a sweet tooth. Giving a spoon of honey wanes their urge for sweets.

If you want to win a person over to your way of thinking then you first need to show them you are a sincere friend, that is your “drop of honey”. Capture his heart and you are on your way.

Sharing from my own experience, for those who have high cholesterol and uric acids, one can take lemon juice on empty stomach for a month. One must stop after 30 days. Too much of the good thing is also not good. The results fantastic! We can either blend the whole lemon or just extracting the juice to drink, but without sugar please…may add honey.

How about doing some push-ups along with a couple of chins, followed by some crunches and leg raises. It may not be a full body workout however you will keep the muscles trained and you’ll unquestionably feel pure honey much better.

You are not alone. Most people feel that life is a struggle and there is always room for improvement. Almost all of us know someone who seems to have a better life as well. Feeling the way you do and perceiving your life the way you do is part of the human condition and very natural. That restless yearning has been good for the human race because the attitude that life could be better has spurred on each individual and each generation to achieve more and to continue to try to improve life. It’s how we got here.

You do not have to feel guilty or avoid enjoying healthy, wholesome taste treats. Using whole wheat flour and all natural ingredients, you can make some wonderful, delicious desserts and healthy snacks! You may not immediately be able to break your processed sweets habit by substituting healthy alternatives, but it’s a start. You will find that the more you steer your food consumption toward healthy, natural choices, the more you will desire just that. The day will come when you will pick up a junk food item you used to love, take a bite, and set it right back down again. I know this is true, because it’s happened to me!

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