The One-Subscriber Email Campaign

What are the most common mistakes made when using leaflet distribution to market your business? How easy is it to avoid them? Continue reading to learn the five most common mistakes when using leaflet distribution to market your business, and how to avoid them.

Design Of the Leaflet – When you take up leaflet distribution, you should pay a lot of attention to the design of the flyer. You should have the right kind of design to promote your product. If the design is a mismatch with your business, it will take only a second for the recipient to put it in the trash bin. The wording should be concise and clear and talk about your offer without mincing words. The contact details should be visible clearly so that people can reach you without much problem. A great design can catch the eye of the potential customer and you may be able to increase your customer base.

First thing first, before you start thinking about design you need to know who your target market are. As a business you should know who your target market are before you start doing any type of marketing. Who is it who buys you product, who needs it? Young? Old? By finding this information out and implementing it into your leaflet campaign you will save yourself hundreds of pounds. Once you know who your aiming your leaflets at, you will then need to find out where those people live, there is multiple pieces of software out there which could help you with this. However, if your knowledge of the local area is good enough, you should have a pretty good idea of where these people live.

Some filmmakers have no professional affiliations and that causes many obstacles for them as well. How do filmmakers know how to successfully market their movies when they don’t bother to put into action what they observe others are doing?

Start a promotions business. If you didn’t fancy starting and running a physical business then why not promote, market and advertise other peoples businesses. You could do this over the weekend, in your spare time and make money.

After that forth point is always make your individual history questions, and make sure it is very clear that their offer will do for your reader. Bullet points are useful to break this information.

These are just a few business ideas that would be ideally suited to be run and operated over the weekend. Remember though there are lots of ideas out there, so why not get out there, find out what’s missing in the market and put it into action.

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