The Basics Of Using Torque Wrenches For Beginners

Changing spark plugs has to be nearly as simple as replacing light bulbs, but it’s not. Light bulb changing does not involve the use of a socket wrench or gapping tools. A deep socket fitting a spark plug is not a suitable socket. There are two things that differentiate it from a deep socket.

Navigate with a map and compass: Maps of all sizes fascinate me. One day I want to have one of those three-foot high globes in my reading room. And in the pre-GPS days, I always wanted one of those $1.99 compasses attached to my dashboard.

Once the fresh plug is finger tight, reach for the plug tools. The torque spec for plugs in a TC 88 is 11-18 ft-pounds, so split the difference and choose 15 ft-pounds.

Fix a dead outlet: I’ve never done this in my life, but if somehow the need arose, I’d pull down my “Reader’s Digest How to Fix Anything Manual” and give it a whirl.

The textured handle gives you a nice grip on the knife, and feels really good in your hand. The stainless steel pocket clip is easy on your pockets and replaceable with a Best Torque Wrench Under 100.

Do not forget to grease the caliper slides by using lithium grease or other similar products. You need to use a disc brake grease on the anti sequel shims. Then, install the shims and pads.

Using a tool is a great advantage in the marketplace. This device is a must have for anyone that enjoys working on cars. There are literally thousands of different problems that can be fixed by using this awesome device. Wherever you end up purchasing the digital torque wrench, make sure that you purchase one that is covered by a warranty. It is an electrical device and some have been known to break when they are being used improperly.

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