Lose Weight – A Healthy Nutrition

Isn’t it ironic that the more you try to perform with swing thoughts in an attempt to play better and improve your confidence, the worse you play and dent your confidence even further?

Losing weight is not a difficult thing to do conceptually, however, in practice it can be quite difficult. We often start out with good intentions but somehow get sidetracked in the process. Often the reason is that we don’t have a specific plan that we are following. If we do have a plan, many times we don’t really believe in the plan so it is hard to dedicate ourselves to the task of losing weight.

Now some people question whether golfers should lift weights. My experience is that weight training, done consistently and correctly is great for overall health. I’m not talking about body building, heavy lifting, maximum bench press and all that sort of thing. I’m talking about an overall conditioning program that includes light to medium weight for upper and lower body. With a good stretching program this will not bulk you up or make you stiff and inflexible. Which means it won’t hurt your golf game.

When you fix golf slice, the people you play a round of golf with will notice, when you hit a solid shot with your Irons, people will notice. It’s important that you know your stuff when you play golf. We golf players have one thing in common, we notice everthing during a round of golf. You here comments like good shot, good ball etc.

Exercise #4 – Weight Training Weight training is a way to burn calories when you aren’t exercising. When you lift weights, you are breaking down muscle. As the muscle builds back up after your Golfing is over, you are burning calories. Ultimately, weight training three times a week combined with cardiovascular exercise five or six times a week is the best exercise combination for weight loss.

I was just like you not too long ago. I would practice and try to get better at golf but no matter how hard or long I practiced I was the same golfer year after year. One day I decided I was going to quit playing golf if I could not become the better golfer I knew I could be. I was tired with all the practice I was doing and just wasting time.

For best results, workouts for belly fat need to be combined with sensible eating habits, the workout sessions also need to be done on a consistent basis. This is a perfect way to get rid of this condition.

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