Home Office – Remodeling Tips

We’ve all seen them before. The fans that camp out at their team’s parking lot 36 hours before the big game. The fans that paint their entire faces–no, their entire bodies–the color of their favorite team. The fans that could sit at a bar stool for hours and argue that they are the best fan on Earth. And although they’re dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable and downright obsessed, there is no way to tell who the best fan is. Until now.

Take a look at the friends and associates in your Rolodex. Is there anyone with an office that might be willing to lease a portion of their co working space to you? Perhaps there is an unused cubical, office or area that they wouldn’t mind offering to you at a reduced rate.

Participate in local small business and startup forums, such as those sponsored by the local chamber of commerce or other organizations designed to help start-ups.

Sleep is so critical. And when we’re living our busy lives, sometimes nighttime rest gets shortchanged. If you’re at an office, you can’t take a nap. Working from home, you can. Do it. Seriously.

There are some questions you must ask yourself before you go out and buy a kitchen pot rack. Your first questions should be where you will put this in your kitchen. The options are hanging, wall mounted, lighted or stand alone. Hanging pot racks are generally placed over kitchen islands or peninsulas. Wall mounted pot racks are usually positioned below or between cabinets. If you have more then enough space, a stand alone can be very attractive. For additional lighting, a pot rack that comes with downlights illuminates the kitchen and will add ambiance to your coworking space. Ceiling pot racks come with grids which allow you to adjust the hooks for hanging your pots and pans in a way that will be most convenient for your reach.

A virtual assistant is a seasoned professional who provides a wide variety of administrative and executive administrative services via a virtual platform. Using the phone, email, internet and the like, a virtual assistant can provide your business with the same services that an on site employee can.

Currently, Kansas City has three very different coworking spaces. Innovation Cafe, Officeport and bizperc all target unique entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners who are looking to network, think outside the box and of course…cowork.

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