Holistic Help For Low Back Pain: Suggestions For Protecting Your Back

The most common golf injuries involve the back, shoulders and wrist. However, the sudden twinge in your lower back or tightness in the shoulder have probably been a long time in the making. Is your technique contributing to your injuries? Is what you do off the course effecting what to do on it?

A few things should be followed if you are suffering from an acute pain in your back. You should avoid lifting anything, which is heavy. Moreover, if you are planning to follow a training regime, it is always advisable to go for professional training. Doing wrong training at home can be harmful. However, at a gymnasium the instructor will be able to help you. You can follow a strict rule about the different exercises and perform them on a regular basis.

Check your ego at your locker. C’mon, it’s about a weight you can lift and lower in good form, not what you think is going to impress potential friends. How do you know what weight is right? If you jerk or swing the weight into position, you’re overdoing it. Back off a few pounds or reduce the number of reps during your last set before you make a fool of yourself. Poor form increases your risk of injury, so choose a weight that’s challenging and one you can lift and lower smoothly.

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You can do a lot to prevent complications if you get help as soon as you hear a ‘whisper’. Don’t be tempted to ignore aches and pains and play through them, because they’ll only come back big time later. Firstly, visit a physiotherapist tokai, chiropractor, osteopath or sports masseur for an assessment. Manipulation can help to free up movement of joints that may be inflamed by poor technique or overuse. If your range of movement in just one joint in your body is limited, other joints will have to compensate, and as your movement becomes compromised the situation can only get worse.

A good rider will have a stable strong spine which enables them to achieve good coordination of the limbs and body movements for precise accurate aids.

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