Guitar For Beginners – Free Lessons

Have you ever heard a radio announcer or movie star and wondered how on earth they sound so good? Assuming you took some time to think about it, you’d probably think they were naturally gifted with those low, rumbling growls or that high, penetrating voice. But the truth is, most do the attractive voices you hear on a regular basis are actually created and trained.

It seems inevitable that, as we progress in our playing, basic techniques might be taken for granted as we improve our skills. As we progress, we can get a bit slack with our basic techniques, which have a beauty all of their own. Go back to these techniques and re-learn them. Explore the music of the old bass guitar legends and hear again how their playing styles were grounded on solid foundations.

Push yourself a little with each session. Try new things and don’t let yourself get bogged down playing the same old licks. This will really help you progress.

Cook your better half’s favorite meal. Then finish it with a cake saying “I’m sorry.” Ones comfort food is always a good way to win someone’s forgiveness after a fight. And to have it made by you adds a personal touch to it. It shows sincerity. Exerting effort to your way of apologizing makes you look true to your intention. Remember that apologizing should always be personal. Don’t forget the petals for the floor and the candles-lights for a more romantic ambiance. Your song playing in the background is a plus. And his/her favorite wine should be present on the dinner table as well.

Get leads. Giving away value is the best way to get leads. Most people think giving away your best “stuff” hurts your business. On the contrary, it helps you. How do you do it? Think about what you can offer free, in exchange for your prospect signing up via their contact information. Then you have their information and can market to them- typically via email.

Assess your health right now. Think about how you feel. Can you hear well? Do you have back pain? Do you need to lose weight? Make a list of all your health concerns and see a doctor so that you can separate the real from fiction regarding your health.

Follow these Hollywood rules and you’ll find yourself engaging in less conflict, and when you DO engage, it will be swift and less painful than your old way.

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