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This past weekend I took a road trip to Atlanta, Ga to see my coach and mentor Larry Beacham and 3 other top internet marketers speak about each of their specialties, Facebook, Blogging, LinkedIn, and Drop Cards. Now I had my doubts about going to the event but when I first heard about the event my coach made a statement about making decisions not based on your current circumstances, but about your future and where you want to be. And being I have visited Atlanta before and was familiar with the area, I decided to go as my previous trips were to go just for fun but this time I was going for knowledge and education on how to forward my business.

For better or worse, the online application is here to stay. So, how do you know which resume version to use? Are you supposed to upload it? It can certainly be confusing, so I’m sharing my online job application rules which I send out to each client attached to their final documents. These rules have been proven to work and I strongly recommend following each one!

Many bloggers provide great information about new tools, or training. But everyone tells us, focus on one method and master it. So as a blogger, reading about Pinterest, or Facebook PPC, or how to use Join me to get leads is just a distraction.

Add More Boards to Pinterest: By adding more boards to Pinterest, you are getting your name out more, promoting yourself, and sharing your interests with clients. Showing part of who you are on Pinterest will help you earn attention and will increase your probability of getting repinned, followed, and more. You can also search for other businesses or people in your line of work and make connections to people around the world. This is a great way to show professionals that you’re passionate about your work.

Even if you are just beginning your IM journey, make a basic business and marketing plan. It does not matter one bit whether you are an affiliate marketer or have created your own product. A marketing plan is smart because it gives you direction, purpose and clarity. You need to decide just how you are going to promote the product and outline everything that you would like to do for that. It’s good to use for planning out your whole year, to document it and to use it for setting goals and timetables and milestones that you are going to try to reach. This is important and fundamental for every serious business–every major corporation out there does this.

I wanted to find a simple, one step method to sync my status updates on all my social networking sites. Man, I just wanted to get off the Social Media Hamster Wheel! I would even pay for it, that’s how much it would be worth it to me.

So, as a manager of yourself and leader of others, constantly ask how you’re helping customers. Remember the emphasis is on paying customers, not just “opportunities.” Don’t rationalize here. If someone is a “potential customer” they are on trial. If they emerge as a paying customer within a reasonable period of time – that’s wonderful. If not, put them into a back-burner mode where you can stay in touch (they might become paying customers in the future or recommend you for someone else). However, your emphasis has to be on paying customers – if you want to stay in business!

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