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Photo booths are definitely a fun option to have at an event- be it a wedding, a birthday party or even a family reunion. They allow you to play around with the way you get clicked and add a lot of fun to an otherwise usual photo album. However, given the rising popularity of photo booth hire for various events, most of the albums are getting very predictable. There are the usual pictures of people posing in random attire or doing something with the usual props. But if you thought that’s all there is to this, you are in for a surprise.

27. Date night is a must! Maybe a picnic for two or tickets to a ballgame, movie or play. Consider mutual interests so you both have fun or take turns picking the entertainment. Remember, a date doesn’t have to be expensive; get creative. The idea is to have fun and talk. Schedule a month in advance and don’t cancel, as it’s the most important appointment of the month.

Also, not known as a year round Irish establishment, Delux, is known for pumping out martinis, shots and thumping beats from the dance floor. You may not have the courage to step out on the dance floor in the wee hours of the early morning, but by noon you’ll be recreating moves from LMFAO’s “Sexy and I know It” video thinking you ARE that good a dancer. Delux opens its doors at 9 am and will feature $4 Guiness, $4 Irish Whiskey, $2 Miller Lite and $2 Molson til 2 pm. Also, expect an appearance by the Jameson Girls handing out free swag before 2 pm. If you’re looking for some of the best Irish food in Detroit to go along with all that drinking walk on over to…

Video Projection – Half the fun of a focus booth new york is sharing the hilarious pictures with your friends. With video projection you can display the pictures in a slides how on a large monitor or on a huge projection screen for everyone to see. A large group will usually gather around and have a great time watching all of the pictures.

Tip: It would be great if you can create an arc on top of your area with wild flowers, summer flowers and vines for decoration. Let it feel like you are in a summer-y rain forest, one with Mother Nature and yourselves.

Our prices are great and our service is outstanding! We include a scrapbook keepsake with every job, a CD of all the party pictures and we even host all the photos online for you and your guests to view or order. All of this is included, unlike most of our competitors. We do not have any hidden fees… the prices you see listed on our website are the exact prices you will pay, nothing extra!

98. Start each day by thinking about all the good things in your life. Then keep that positive feeling flowing throughout the day by staying upbeat and helpful.

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