10 Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Does your arthritis prevent you from slicing an onion or whipping cream? Arthritis does interfere with many daily activities, and one of the most important of these is cooking. The pain and stiffness caused by arthritis can prevent you from cooking your favorite meals and reduce you to eating frozen dinners. With some simple adaptations, however, you can regain your cooking abilities. Here are some techniques and adaptations to follow to get you back in your kitchen and cooking again.

Opening jars can be a horrible pain filled activity for those of us with any form of arthritis, so take a butter knife, and hit it around the rim of the lid in quick little smacks to loosen the seal. Make the little knife hits around the perimeter of the jar, and opening the jar will be much easier. You could simple pass off the task to someone else.

Do you have pets? They have an array of canned and dry dog and cat foods, along with pet beds, leashes, cat litter, and dog and cat treats. They have lots of pet toys, and have special pet Christmas stockings filled with pet treats around Christmas time. They have pet shampoos, and accessories of many kinds.

Don’t flip the lights on and off several times. If you are going in and out of two rooms several times, leave them on until you are done with what you are doing. Every time you turn on an electrical circuit, it makes the meter turn harder and draws more electricity in the few seconds it is off than if you had just left it on to begin with.

Check out a counter depth refrigerator. These refrigerators are planned not to exceed the depth of a common work top and will provide more kitchen floor room than typical refrigerators that are 30 plus inches in depth. Remember to use the area above the refrigerator. Install full depth cabinet atop the refrigerator into the kitchen plans rather then a standard 12 inch deep cabinet.

If you loose power you want to make sure you have food to least at least a few days in the event that power is not restored. Consider canned food and juice, non-black and decker spacemaker, non-perishables, snacks, dry cereal, peanut putter & jelly sandwiches, and paper plates with utensils. Be sure you have propane gas for those grills if you plan to use them in your garage, etc.

It’s common for busy professionals to forgo kitchen duty once the kids are grown and they are on their own. I fondly remember the hours spent in the kitchen with the kids doing their homework. That’s when I heard about their day at school, answered questions related to homework and enjoyed the family time.

Luckily I have always figured out when to say when. I would buy some discount kitchen appliances, sure. I might even throw a half dozen other items in my digital shopping cart but always with a firm grasp(mentally at least) on my mind. As long as that is the case you can chase that shopping dragon as far as it wants to fly. Sales and bargains are a great thing to have a nose for and so you should appreciate your talent. Shopping is a necessary thing, so being into it is certainly better than being completely bored and frustrated with it. Dive in and enjoy your passion for shopping, just be read to stick that credit card back in your pocket once you’ve reached your limit. Your wallet will thank you and you’ll be happier.

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